Backrest Extensions

Backrest Selector

Backrest Extension codeHeightWidthHinge needed
BKXT-S | Small - Backrest extension100180
BKXT-M | Medium - Backrest extension170270
BKXT-L | Large - Backrest extension210330

V-Trak Backrest extensions allow you to follow the users spine to provide support

Backrest extensions are available and are intended primarily as a way of extending the top of the backrest to provide:

  • Additional shoulder support (especially for kyphosis when combined with additional back angle).
  • A convenient mounting position for head supports.
  • A means of elevating shoulder harness attachment points to minimise compression forces of the spine during forward movement.

This option provides important advantages: Firstly day to day management of the client is made easier using the V-Trak system. For example, it may be decided that a one piece backrest is best suited to meet the postural requirements of the client, but there is concern that the height of a high backrest may create difficulties for the carer. An alternative solution would be a low backrest joined with a backrest extension, using a quick release hinge would provide the equivalent support of a one-piece high backrest but with the advantage of easy removal and, therefore, access to the client.