V-Trak Lite Mounitng Hardware

Backrest Selector

​SIMPLICITY – As a result of extensive research and analysis, the system can be fitted easily to any wheelchair in common use using a system of mounting brackets attached to the wheelchair canes. These brackets are simple to fit, easy to position yet secure in use. The brackets also form an integral part of the positioning capabilities. V-Trak Lite can be installed and adjusted with a single 5mm Key wrench.

FLEXIBLE - Once installed, the V-Trak Lite hardware gives complete control of the positioning of the backrest, and any attached accessories, in relation to the seat.

COMPATIBLE - V-Trak Lite uses the same mounting blocks as V-Trak Original but is designed principally for use on round section canes. In this way, it retains the same adjustment in all planes and the range of seat depth (forward/rearward) movement is 80mm

VERSATILE- V-Trak Lite can be used with all V-Trak backrests and with any custom backrests with or without the standard rear fixing track. V-Trak Lite hardware is widely used by manufacturers of special seating to simplify and rationalise the attachment and orientation of moulded solutions for example; Foam-in-Place, Foam Carving and micro-modular systems such as Matrix and Lynx.