V-TRAK Deep Contour


Backrest Selector

Product CodeHeight (cm)Width (cm)Contour Depth (cm)
AXDH-XXL6160 > 5210 > 18
AXDH-XL6155 > 4310 > 18
AXDH-L6150 > 3810 > 16
AXDH-M5644 > 3410 > 16
AXDS-XXL4060 > 5210 > 18
AXDS-XL4055 > 4310 > 18
AXDS-L4050 > 3810 > 16
AXDS-M3644 > 3410 > 16
AXDR-XL3055 > 4310 > 18
AXDR-L3050 > 3810 > 16
AXDR-M3044 > 3410 > 16
AXDR-S2840 > 3010 > 16
AXSBD - ___Available heights 14 - 20 cm (R/F)XL / L / M / S10 > 18 / 16

With improvements in aesthetics and convenience, the lateral support can be used selectively at pelvic and thoracic locations providing exceptional stability. However, the Dynamic Stability built into the support still provides the comfort and convenience of movement and reach and avoids the oppression of restriction.

The segmented range can be combined easily to for complex cases. They can also be used for active users providing all the adjustment of an Axxis backrest in a lower profile. Allowing the clinician to capture and control the pelvis.

The lumbar profile can be adjusted using the 4 internal horizontal straps which can be individually tensioned. These specially constructed internal and adjustable composite support straps are designed to change both the shape and feel of the backrest for the perfect solution, thus providing easy and precise adjustment to suit individual requirements.

To access the lateral adjustment you can now adjust from the front with a 4mm key. So no more removing the cover or wrestling with the back of the chair. You can see immediately the difference the finite adjustment can make to the patient.

Our V-Trak backrest has a 2 year warranty as standard but, after being subjected to product life cycle testing performing great to 100,000 depressions in a number of different test scenarios. It got surfed, then we decided to go one better than our last extreme testing video, getting it run over by a monster truck, and backrest remains fully functional.

The Axxis Deep contour backrest offers ADJUSTABLE integral deep lateral support, this technology is available in segmented backrests for more complex seating needs. All adjustments are inbuilt into the backrest offering a seating solution that can be fitted for support and changed for client growth and condition change.

  • Adjustable Deep contour 5-7 inches
  • Adjustable width/lateral support
  • Adjustable lumbar support

Backrests can be inverted to provide support at Thoracic/Pelvic areas - All can be used with V-Trak Original hardware or V-Trak Lite.

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