V-Trak X-Tend Headrest


Backrest Selector


offset and rotation using a common 1 Inch ball joint on both ends means head positioning isn’t limited to the backrest and cane position and allows for wide lateral range and 90 degrees of rotation the backrest and means the most complicated of cases can be accommodated.

Depth – the adjustable ball stem can “grow” 83mm allowing the headrest not to be restricted by the backrest.

Height -With the use of the v-trak system the height adjustability is no problem using the trak for vertical adjustment. When all adjustments are combined it gives amazing finite movement in all planes.


All this movement with one tool (4mm allen key) allows for simple adjustment and setting

  • Wide range of pads
  • Different sized ball joints for 3rd party headrests
  • Crash tested with V-Trak backrests