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1 Sep '15 People Company
After almost 20 years of ownership of PHP, we couldn’t let Rod retire without a fond farewell and a heartfelt thank you.
Rod with one of his presents
Rod with one of his presents

We hatched a plan with Rod’s wife, Mo, to surprise him with lunch at one of his favourite restaurants. He had been led to believe that he was attending a lunch for one of Mo’s charities, as he would never have agreed to this! However, all of the office and factory staff were there to surprise him with a roaring round of applause on his arrival. We are pleased to say that he really was genuinely surprised! After Rod had recovered from the shock, we sat down to enjoy a wonderful lunch and reminisce with some old stories – most involving putting tools away in the proper place in the factory , or his driving skills that rivalled those of Lewis Hamilton ! Michelle (Rodney’s long suffering PA) had made him a cake that had been modelled on Rodney’s workshop at the bottom of the garden, with various V-Trak prototype’s strewn around. Rodney was most surprised and genuinely appreciative of the farewell lunch, the cake and the farewell gifts. There has been much blood, sweat and tears along with many hours of dedication and toil from Rodney that made PHP/V-Trak what it is today.

From everyone at V-Trak we thank Rodney for his dedication to the industry and his genuine desire to help and provide people with the comfort and lifestyle that they deserve.

Rod's cake
Close up of the backrests on Rod's cake
Rod's cake from afar

Rod and the team

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Letter update

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