V-Trak Profile Backrest


Backrest Selector

AXPH-XL 60cm 40 cm > 50 cm
AXPH-L 60cm 35 cm > 43 cm
AXPH-M 60cm 30 cm > 38 cm
AXPHR-XL 53cm 40 cm > 50 cm
AXPHR-L 53cm 35 cm > 43 cm
AXPHR-M 51cm 30 cm > 38 cm
AXPS-XL 40cm 40 cm > 50 cm
AXPS-L 40cm 35 cm > 43 cm
AXPS-M 40cm 30 cm > 38 cm
AXPR-XL 30cm 40 cm > 50 cm
AXPR-L 30cm 35 cm > 43 cm
AXPR-M 30cm 30 cm > 38 cm
Profiled side All backrests can be used with V-Trak Original hardware or V-Trak Lite hardware

PROFILE – The Profile backrest is an addition to the extensive V-Trak range of wheelchair backrests. The new Profile range uses original

adjustment technology combined with a specially shaped back designed to the profile of the user. The profiled shape forms to the user and can be inverted depending on shape.

BREATHABLE MATERIAL – The Profile range has black spacer fabric as standard. The 3D material construction reduces heat build-up, allows consistent air circulation and provides high moisture transfer.

CLIP ON FOAMS - the Profile range has been designed to be easily refurbished. A full range of spare covers and clip on foams are available to order.

SHAPING –Unlike other wheelchair backrests the adjustments of the backrest are inbuilt into the product allowing for the minute adjustments needed to provide comfort. All of these adjustments can be constantly modified as the body changes.

LATERAL SUPPORT - Integral laterals provide support exactly where you need it. The unique integral lateral supports provide precise andadjustable support at thoracic and/or pelvic level.

LUMBAR SUPPORT - The lumbar profile can be adjusted using the 4 internal horizontal straps which can be individually tensioned. These specially constructed internal and adjustable composite support straps are designed to change both the shape and feel of the backrest for the perfect solution, thus providing easy and precise adjustment to suit individual requirements.

SIZE - The extensive range of backrests and hardware makes Axxis suitable for all sizes of client and the internal adjustment allows for growth and change of the user.

HARDWARE - With the V-Trak mounting and positioning hardware, is the only integrated system to deliver total freedom to place the perfect shape of backrest in any position in relation to the seat and wheelchair. The V-Trak hardware, allows fitting to virtually any wheelchair in common use. V-Trak Original and V-Trak Lite with quick release mounts to allow for easy detachment for folding chairs.

ACCESSORIES- Profile will accommodate all V-Trak accessories (head supports, external lateral supports and harness attachment). It is also designed as an open system. This gives the client and the clinician the widest possible choice of 3rd party equipment, minimising compromise and ensuring the very best solution.