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9 Apr '20 Company
We are in truly unprecedented times. The spread of coronavirus Covid-19 has affected so many of us across the world in so many ways.

Firstly, we hope that you and your loved ones are well and safe. Thank you for staying at home and looking out for each other during this extremely difficult time.

We have made a few important changes here at V-Trak to play our part and help ensure that we protect our team, and you, as best we can.

We think posture and mobility is still important at this time so our main aim at V-Trak is to balance the safety of staff and the safety of our customers while enabling delivery of products for clinics in the NHS.

Our Clinics

Unless it is an emergency appointment, we are rebooking clinics and handovers for May / June. If clinics are needed, we will only visit if symptom free and follow all guidelines set out by government and the facility we are visiting.

We have also started to aid clients and services in order to handover goods remotely. We have been able to do this via video call and images so please contact if you need help with prescription or fitting.

Warehouse & Dispatch

Since mid-March we have very strict social distancing procedures in our warehouse and have split into working teams.

In our warehouse, we are able to work at least 2 metres apart at all times. We have also re-organised our workflow so that we are able to reduce the number of team members in any one area at any one time. We are of course following all Government guidelines on hand hygiene. Our team are able to wear gloves if they would like to and are also washing hands regularly throughout the day.

We are doing everything we can to look after our brilliant team and we are doing our best to support them at this difficult time. In order to weather this storm many of our team have been furloughed to help us get through.

Customer Service & Orders

Our customer service team is available from 8am to 5pm every weekday Monday to Thursday. Emails will be monitored, and this will be best point of contact.

We will respond to all orders with our best estimated delivery date. We have good stock available but unfortunately some supply has been delayed . We will notify you on a case by case basis depending on your order.

Please bear with us as we try and get through this period. It has been difficult for everyone and our hope is to serve our customer during this time.

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